Jāme'h (Great) Mosque of Tabriz

Jāme'h (Great) Mosque of Tabriz

The Jām'eh mosque in Tabriz is located in the city of the same name (eastern Azerbaijani region) and its construction covers a period ranging from Seljuk to the qajara. The Jām'eh mosque in Tabriz or the jom'e mosque, which is referred to in the history books as "Jame'h Kabiri", is located in the center of the Tabriz bazaar.

This ancient mosque, rectangular in shape, has two entrances and a large one Shabestan whose arch and domes rest on octagonal brick pillars decorated with refined and artistic stucco work.

Il mihrab, high and stuccoed and also its high dome is adorned with various types of inlaid majolica. In this building there are also two stone carvings: one is the edict of the Shāh Soltān Hossein safavid and the other is the story of the dream of King Tahmasb I.

In parts such as the basement of the mosque and the ancient namazkhāneh, you can admire the remains of colored stucco work on the mihrab which belong to the Seljuk period and ilkhanide.

The current building that was previously only one Iwan and later he acquired another, it was built entirely of bricks and stucco. In truth, the current Jāme'h mosque is composed of 4 mosques attached to each other, namely: the great Hojjat-ol-Islam mosque, the small Hojjat-ol-Islam mosque, the mosque Ismāil Khān Qali and Ālchāq which overall they constitute the Jām'eh mosque.

Currently, a part of the external area has been used as a library and rooms for students of religious sciences and is considered one of the teaching centers for this subject of study in the city.